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Q+A: Peter Dunlap-Shohl

Q: How does a sense of community help you with PD?

A: Social isolation can be a serious problem for people with PD. Symptoms like difficulty with speech and loss of facial expression hinder communication. You have substantial incentive to hole up. Engaging with others, say, through a support group, can help relieve the sense that you are battling this difficult disease alone.


Peter, a cartoonist, blogger, and author of My Degeneration, a graphic-novel memoir about Parkinson's shares his humorous comics at offandonakpdrag.blogspot.com.


Additional Action Steps


  • Join a support group. You help others as they help you.
  • Keep doing things you love, even if you don't do them as well.
  • Do what you can to try to reduce stress.
  • If you freeze and can’t walk forward, try walking backward. Surprisingly effective!



Orginally printed in MoreThanMotion, Spring 2017.

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