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How to Thank Your Caregiver

Your caregiver is dedicated to helping you live a better life. But how can you give back to them? Here are five ways to express your gratitude.


Give the gift of time

Ask a family member or friend to take you to a doctor appointment or help you run an errand to give your caregiver a few hours off. Be sure to encourage them to use the free time to do something fun that they enjoy but don’t necessarily get to do often. Who doesn’t appreciate a little extra leisure time?


Get them a small surprise

Even little gifts can be meaningful. Have their favorite flowers sent to their house; or buy them a book or magazine you know they will enjoy, or tickets to a movie they told you they wanted to see.


Say it with food

If you can navigate a kitchen easily, bake some cookies or mix up some marshmallow treats. If not, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant is always a safe bet and sure to delight.


Make them a mixtape

OK, so these days “mixtape” usually means “playlist,” but the sentiment is the same: A fun and affordable way to let someone know you’re thinking of them is to craft a CD or digital playlist of music you think they will enjoy. Get a little creative!


Write a thank-you note

Sometimes the simplest way to express thanks is just to say it. Write a note letting them know how much their help means to you, or dictate what you want to say to a close friend or family member and have them write it out. Not much of a writer? Tell them verbally! A sincere “thank you” can go a long way toward brightening your caregiver’s day.

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